Sunday, June 5, 2016

5.6.16  This is a bizarre story..... I was talking to a client the other day, and she was telling me about her garden and that she had used deer netting over her plants..... So I told her about the two years in a row that we had a black snake get caught in the bird netting that I had put over our tomato plants, and how bad the snakes were caught, and that Stan & I had to cut them free, so I threw the netting away. So the same day, in my Facebook memories came up the last time it had happened....
So I was off today, and cleaning up the utility room under the house. I was re-arranging and throwing some things out, and finally got the fishing poles within reach, etc. In the corner was the leftover roll of bird netting, and a fishing rod was caught in the netting. So I reached over and grabbed the top of the roll, and pulled it out to untangle the rod. As I reached for the rod, I about died when I discovered what else was caught in the netting... Had a hard time getting the camera to focus... but my heart is still racing......

I journaled about 4 people/"things" over the last 5+ years that have really hurt/betrayed me, and I used many many stencils for the layers, and the foam stamps to remind me to let it go.

This is the final:

And this is an early layer with the journaling before all the stencils.:  

My project few weeks ago. Its my rendition of Rach003 Connect with Nature. Can't wait to hang it in my office tomorrow!

Dictionary paper, Twinklin H20s, Acrylic paints for flowers and leaves, Creative Medium

Monday, May 30, 2016

May challenge at Mix It Monthly:  musical instrument, much yellow paint, some numbers
When I gesso'd the page, I used a skewer to make the musical score, and then painted the background.  
Just a fun little page.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

My 1st Challenge at Mix It Monthly.  Antlers, lots of white, song lyric
Painted my background with acrylic paints, lots of splatters and colors.  Layered Donna Downey Deer in Headlight stencil with the TCW Birch trees.  I've been wanting to try this since I got the deer stencil so I thank Mix It Monthly for the challenge!

In progress photo after I paper clipped the stencils to the page

Torn denim paper strips, TCW stencil Art with modeling paste, watercolored, painted a page of Mixed Media paper, diecut with TH Tattered Florals and a circle punch,   and twine.  Really love how this turned out.

A fun layout using the grass pattern paper, painted the sky and the "yellow brick road", birds, punched small flowers, and a magazine image.

First of the year we had two floods with 12 inches of snow in between....  Used some scraps

Grandson birthday card

A couple from the beginning of the Wanderlust 2016....

A canvas I made for a friend of her deceased son.  She loves this photo and I hope I did it justice.

Tax season always puts me behind in my art and posting, so to catch up....

Lesson 2 of No Sheninigans 

Lesson 3 - I didn't gesso first so have to go back and re-do this one.

Lesson 4  Supposed to use washi tape for the circles - bu I never got on that bandwagon, so I used patterned paper scraps instead.  Need to re-do and use smaller circles.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Santa brought me Mimi Bondi's  "No Shenanigans!" book.  I really love it

This is Lesson #1....  Not happy about my doodling...  more practice!

Second attempt with a lighter yellow and lighter turquoise.  I think I like the brighter better.  Not sure if this is done or what I will do next.

Am really enjoying her book!