Saturday, September 28, 2013

Whatevers2 The Brothers

I loved the photo this month from Nat Kalbach Whatevers 2.  I had the photo printed out on my table to think of the story, when I ran into these papers in my scrap browns.  This popped into my head, and I wasn't able to shake it.  So this one is a little different, as it is more 3D.  I pleated the rose paper to simulate the curtains I saw in the photo.  I left them in a binder clip for about a week, and that helped with the shape.  After I glued it down, I made a slit and used gold cord to hold it back.  I recently found those frame stamps I have had in my stash for many many years never used.  I think I like them!

The story:

I only see them once a year when they come to have their portraits made for their Mama.  The brothers, Patrick and William have not spoken to each other in years,  They are most pleasant to me, but they never look or speak to each other,  Some say it was because of a woman.  Some say no.  Father Daniel was a prominent banker in town, known to be very strict with his employees as well as his sons.  He tested them all for loyalty and strength, didn't tolerate weakness,  I don't believe that Patrick or William ever felt worthy of his love or approval.  Mama Catherine is very proud of her sons.  Daniel wasn't much of a lover to her, but he was a wonderful provider to her, his trophy wife.  Daniel passed on a few years ago.  Some say it was his meanness.  Others say it was a heart attack.  This day was like all the years before.  As I snapped this photograph, we heard Cook yelling, in ran Kitty being chased by the neighbors dog!  What a commotion!  They ran into the studio, Dog and Kitty running round and round their chairs.  Then Kitty jumped up in Williams lap, bounced over to Patrick, knocking him out of his chair!  Everyone began to laugh.  William & Patrick looked at each other laughing and smiling.  And suddenly, they were shaking hands, crying, and hugging each other!  They left that day arm in arm. 
I can't wait to see them next year.....

I will add this to my Whatevers journal. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Whatevers2 The Ladies Man

An all paint page  - a first for me. 

Story:  The Ladies Man
Duke had asked the pretty Mary out many times.  He was known as a ladies man & she was not sure of him at all.  But he kept trying.  One day, he asked her to go for a ride after church on Sunday.  Mary said YES!  Duke was so happy.  On Sunday, he drove to Marys house.  Her Mother answered the door & Duke was trying to be so charming.  Mary came out of the kitchen with a picnic basket, smiled, grabbed a sweater & her hat.  Duke was beaming as he held the door open for her.  Her widowed Mother also grabbed a sweater & followed Mary out the door, but Duke was not dismayed.  It was a beautiful day for a ride & they drove out of town.  He even gave Mary driving lessons!  Both Mary & her Mother were smitten with the handsome Duke.  It was the start to a wonderful life together for Mary & Duke.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Whatevers 2
This is my first image transfer and art journal page.  I used a brick stencil with red metallic paint for the shimmer.  Mixed up a light grey paint for the mortar, and then toned the bricks down with a whitewash and my finger.

Story:  Again?  All dressed up & no where to go! We missed the bus again!  Doesn't matter how early we think we are, we always see the tail end of the bus blocks away.  So here we sit again all dressed up & no where to go!

Alot of fun to try !  Can't wait for the next one.