Monday, September 2, 2013

Whatevers2 The Ladies Man

An all paint page  - a first for me. 

Story:  The Ladies Man
Duke had asked the pretty Mary out many times.  He was known as a ladies man & she was not sure of him at all.  But he kept trying.  One day, he asked her to go for a ride after church on Sunday.  Mary said YES!  Duke was so happy.  On Sunday, he drove to Marys house.  Her Mother answered the door & Duke was trying to be so charming.  Mary came out of the kitchen with a picnic basket, smiled, grabbed a sweater & her hat.  Duke was beaming as he held the door open for her.  Her widowed Mother also grabbed a sweater & followed Mary out the door, but Duke was not dismayed.  It was a beautiful day for a ride & they drove out of town.  He even gave Mary driving lessons!  Both Mary & her Mother were smitten with the handsome Duke.  It was the start to a wonderful life together for Mary & Duke.


  1. Ahhh- what a gorgeous and romantic story- and I love the page you created!!! The road is so fun! Love it!

  2. How cool is the road and the way you wrote the story along the path. Thank you for playing with us.