Friday, August 6, 2010

Cindy Guilday

Kays baby shower


  1. I am Cynthia Guilday. That is my mother, father and I am that baby. My email address is

  2. This is so strange to me. I dont understand why you would not want to contact me..... That is my missing mother and ive spent 10 years and an insane amount of money trying to put the puzzle of her life together. Please contact me. 954 612 0890

    My father looked thru your online page here and he believes that your one of their friends. We would love to know when you last saw Kay. I greatly appreciate anything you have to share..... Again Kay Ann has been missing since May of 1982, that is the last time she renewed her drivers licence. Anything woild help me more than words can say.....

    Thankyou for your time